90 Day | 110%

Money Back Guarantee

UniQuell is the product of our dissatisfaction with other mood boosters on the market. Current mood boosters take 6 weeks and are based on St. John's Wort, or a mixture of B-vitamins that don't work at all. We think 6 weeks is about 6 weeks too long to wait. After countless hours of research and development UniQuell was born.

Other mood boosters take the approach of boosting only serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, or worse using ingredients that have no basis in science. UniQuell is firmly grounded in science and was developed first and foremost to help people feel their best every day.

UniQuell contains ingredients shown to work on 8 different pathways to improve mood. Older mood boosters affect serotonin and maybe dopamine and norepinephrine. UniQuell's ingredients have been shown to work on those three, as well as glutamate, GABA, endorphins, nitric oxide and inflammation in the brain.

We are so confident it will work for you that if it doesn't we will refund you 110% of your purchase price.